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Over 85 Years supplying quality furniture and furnishings.

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We need space in our showrooms for exciting new models so we are offering

UP TO 70% off La-Z-Boy recliners.

All are BRAND new and with FULL La-Z-Boy warranty.
Due to the low prices being offered these are available in store only.

Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.

Need a price?
Call us on 01536 512 539 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

Our La-Z-Boy Recliner Collection.

La-Z-Boy Live Life Comfortably

Usual Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.

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Visit us and you can try out over 20 La-Z-Boy Recliners, side by side!

We are La-Z-Boy Recliner main stockists and usually have over 20 different La-Z-Boy Recliner models on display in our showrooms Come and try out all the different Lazy Boy recliners, side by side, all in one place. For directions to our store, please click here.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could compare up to 20 La-Z-Boy models, all side by side and all in one place? Visit us and you can!

La-Z-Boy Anna Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Austin Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Ava Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Avenger Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Baltimore Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy California Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Charleston Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Denver Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Georgia Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Greensboro Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Jacksonville Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Memphis Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Nashville Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Newark Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Orlando Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Rondell Recliner Chair La-Z-Boy Sophia Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Tara Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Tyler Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Zara Recliner Suite La-Z-Boy Zoe Recliner Suite
*If you are planning a journey to come and see our La-Z-Boy range please call us on 01536 512 539 prior to leaving to confirm we have the model(s) on display a the time of your visit.

If you have any questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To see our selection of La-Z-Boy furniture, La-Z-Boy recliner chairs and La-Z-Boy recliner sofas please click on any of the names below:

Lazy Boy Annabel recliner suite, Lazy Boy Austin recliner suite, Lazy Boy Ava recliner suite, Lazy Boy Avenger recliner suite, Lazy Boy Baltimore recliner suite, Lazy Boy California recliner suite, Lazy Boy Charleston recliner suite, Lazy Boy Denver recliner suite, Lazy Boy Georgia recliner suite, Lazy Boy Greensboro recliner suite, Lazy Boy Jacksonville recliner suite, Lazy Boy Memphis recliner suite, Lazy Boy Nashville recliner suite and corner group, Lazy Boy Newark recliner suite, Lazy Boy Orlando recliner suite, Lazy Boy Rondell recliner chair and stool, Lazy Boy Sophia recliner suite, Lazy Boy Tara recliner suite, Lazy Boy Tyler recliner suite, Lazy Boy Zara recliner suite or the Lazy Boy Zoe recliner suite.

We deliver La-Z-Boy UK recliners to these locations.

The following La-Z-Boy recliner models are now discontinued: the Lazy Boy Amarillo recliner, the Lazy Boy Boston recliner, the Lazy Boy Charlotte recliner, the Lazy Boy Gizmo recliner, the Lazy Boy Houston recliner, the Lazy Boy Phoenix recliner, the Lazy Boy Pinnacle recliner, the Lazy Boy Tampa recliner and the Lazy Boy Vegas recliner and the Lazy Boy Washington recliner.

The following Lazy Boy recliner models: the La-Z-Boy Atlanta recliner, the La-Z-Boy Augusta recliner, the La-Z-Boy Delaware recliner, the La-Z-Boy Florida recliner, the La-Z-Boy Hampton swivel recliner chair, the La-Z-Boy Idaho recliner, the La-Z-Boy Kansas recliner,the La-Z-Boy Manhattan recliner, the La-Z-Boy Minnesota recliner, the La-Z-Boy Missouri recliner, the La-Z-Boy Monroe recliner, the La-Z-Boy Orleans recliner, the La-Z-Boy Springfield, the La-Z-Boy Stamford recliner, the La-Z-Boy Stanford recliner, the La-Z-Boy Tennessee Recliner, the La-Z-Boy Texas Recliner and the La-Z-Boy Yorker recliner, we do not keep in stock.

Why buy a Lazyboy recliner?

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La-Z-Boy Live Life Comfortably

Over 85 Years supplying quality furniture and furnishings.

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