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Now on display BRAND NEW La-Z-Boy Beds!

We are now closed for our Christmas break.

Our sale starts at 11am on Boxing Day.

With a VERY SPECIAL offer for the first FIVE La-Z-Boy Suites sold on each of three days:

Boxing Day, 27th and 28th December for personal callers only.

Opening times over the Holiday Period:

Boxing Day 11am to 3pm

Dec 27th 9am to5 pm

Sunday Dec 28th 11am to 5pm

Monday Dec 29th 9am to 5pm

Tuesday Dec 30th 9am to 5pm

New Year's Eve 9am to 3pm

New Year's Day 11 am to 3pm

Friday Jan 2nd 9 am to 5pm

Saturday Jan 3rd 9am to 5pm

Sunday Jan 4th 11am to 3pm

Thereafter, Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm and closed on Sundays


Out of Hours: Click Here for details.

La-Z-BoySelect a La-Z-Boy Model Live Life Comfortably

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could compare the Largest selection of La-Z-Boy models in the whole of the country, side by side AND get the lowest La-Z-Boy prices in the UK as well?*

We display more La-Z-Boy models than ANYONE ELSE in the whole of the UK.

All of these models, AND MORE, are on display in our showrooms*:

La-Z-Boy Avenger recliner SuiteLa-Z-Boy Boston Recliner

The La-Z-Boy AvengerThe La-Z-Boy Boston Suite

La-Z-Boy California Recliner SuiteLa-Z-Boy Charlotte recliner

The La-Z-Boy CaliforniaThe La-Z-Boy Charlotte Suite

La-Z-Boy Columbus Recliner SuiteLa-Z-Boy Denver recliner

The La-Z-Boy ColumbusThe La-Z-Boy Denver Suite

La-Z-Boy Sophia Recliner SuiteLa-Z-Boy Tampa Recliner Suite

The La-Z-Boy Sophia The La-Z-Boy Tampa

La-Z-Boy Georgia SuiteLa-Z-Boy Washington

The La-Z-Boy Georgia SuiteThe La-Z-Boy Washington Suite

La-Z-Boy Phoenix Recliner SuiteLa-Z-Boy Memphis Recliner Suite

The La-Z-Boy Phoenix SuiteThe La-Z-Boy Memphis Suite

Lazy Boy Orlando Recliner SuiteLa-Z-Boy Nashville Recliner Suite and Corner Group

The La-Z-Boy Orlando Recliner Suite The La-Z-Boy Nashville Recliner Suite & Corner Group

La-Z-boy Gizmo recliner suiteLa-Z-Boy Houston Recliner Suite

The La-Z-Boy Gizmo SuiteThe La-Z-Boy Houston Recliner Suite

La-Zz_boy Vegas recliner suiteLazyboy Stress Free Recliner Chairs with Stool

The La-Z-Boy Vegas The La-Z-Boy Stress Free Collection

We are La-Z-Boy main stockists and usually have up to 20 different La-Z-Boy models on display in our showrooms.

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If you have any questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

*Please call us on 01536 512539 before planning a trip to ensure we have the actual model you want to try out in our showrooms. Occasionally we may not have a particular model on display, it may be in our warehouse and needs to be brought in to the store for you to see but if not we will always have one on order and will be able to advise you when it is expected to be in stock.

We have been supplying the La-Z-Boy recliner since 1994 and we believe this is considerably longer than any other store in Northamptonshire. We have great confidence in the Lazyboy brand, so much so, that everyone who works in our store has, in their own home, their very own La-z-boy. Kettering and the surrounding towns and villages are the most popular delivery locations for lazyboy. Northampton is one of our most visited towns for Lazyboy. Corby residents love their power reclining Lazyboy. Wellingborough too has a large following of La-Z-Boy recliners.

Why buy a Lazyboy recliner?

Lazy Boy Avenger recliner suite, Lazy Boy Boston recliner suite, Lazy Boy California recliner suite, Lazy Boy Charlotte recliner suite, Lazy Boy Columbus recliner suite, Lazy Boy Denver recliner suite, Lazy Boy Georgia recliner suite, Lazy Boy Gizmo recliner suite, Lazy Boy Houston recliner suite, Lazy Boy Memphis recliner suite, Lazy Boy Nashville recliner suite and corner group, Lazy Boy Orlando recliner suite, Lazy Boy Phoenix recliner suite, Lazy Boy Pinnacle XR recliner chairs, Lazy Boy Sophia recliner suite, Lazy Boy stress free chairs, Lazy Boy Tampa Recliner suite, Lazy Boy Vegas recliner suite, Lazy Boy Washington Recliner suite, Lazy Boy Alabama stress free chair, Lazy Boy Alaska stress free chair, Lazy Boy Dakota stress free chair, Lazy Boy Delaware stress free chair, Lazy Boy Maryland stress free chair, Lazy Boy Montana stress free chair, Lazy Boy New Jersey stress free chair.

The following Lazy Boy recliner models: the Lazy Boy Arizona recliner, the Lazy Boy Augusta recliner, the Lazy Boy Colorado recliner, the Lazy Boy Cool recliner chair, the Lazy Boy Copenhagen recliner, the Lazy Boy Dayton recliner, the Lazy Boy Denmark recliner, the Lazy Boy Kansas recliner, the Lazy Boy Manhattan recliner, the Lazy Boy Monroe recliner, the Lazy Boy Motown recliner, the Lazy Boy Nebraska recliner, the Lazy Boy Yorker recliner, the Lazy Boy Norway recliner, the Lazy Boy Orleans recliner and the Lazy Boy Quay West recliner, we do not keep in stock.

We deliver La-Z-Boy recliners to your Home.

*Accordording to the official UK La-Z-Boy web site we stock more models than ANY other store in the whole of the UK. 13 models are listed for our store and the next highest is 11. We actually have more then 13 models on display. Information was correct on 19th December 2013. For our Lazy Boy lowest price guarantee terms and conditions, please click here.

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